Persepolis : A Revolutionary Book Revolutionize The Christian Perspective

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Persepolis: A Revolutionary Book to Revolutionize the Christian Perspective Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel, Persepolis, is a spellbinding read. From start to finish, the story grips the reader with its thought provoking content and touching storyline. The author’s depiction of war torn Iran provides its audience with a better understanding of a people that many Western communities deem as ungodly and dangerous. By reading Satrapi’s work, it becomes clear that the Iranian people are much less one-dimensional than most automatically assume. From a Christian perspective, this is particularly important because it reminds us of God’s call to love and care for all people, regardless of their beliefs. The book helps Christian readers to open their eyes and see the needs of a hurting people who see religion as a government mandated obligation rather than a life giving gift. Throughout the graphic novel, Persepolis, religion becomes less and less of a priority due to the increasing basic needs of the Iranian people; however, despite the rather depressing content, Persepolis is beneficial for Christian readers because they can use the information presented in the book to better serve hurting communities. At first glance, the artwork presented in Persepolis seems mediocre at best. The drawings are simple, black and white images that contain very little detail. However, there is a meaningfulness that can be extracted from the author/illustrator’s decision to represent her characters

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