Persepolis Book vs Persepolis Movie Essay

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A movie-adaptation is the transfer of a written work. The most common form of a movie-adaptation is the use of a novel, such as the book "Persepolis", written by Marjane Satrapi, written as a childhood memoir. The story is about a young Marjane growing up in Iran during the Shah dynasty, Iranian Revolution, and Iran-Iraq war during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Not only did Marjane Satrapi wrote the novel, but she also directed the film about the book. Sadly, the work of a movie-adaptation doesn't always include every details mentioned and sometimes add details not included from the text, which includes Persepolis the movie. The author omitted several events from the movie that happened in the book, including the whole first chapter of …show more content…

An example would be the bombing of Baba-Levy's house. In the book, the bombing occurred while Marjane was at the mall on her way to her house. The movie showed this scene close to the last section of the first half of the movie and didn't mention her at the mall. The text however, showed a clear description of her reaction to the news of the bombing and running to her house for fear of her neighbors and her family's safety. In total, the text summarized and transitioned the plot better than movie.

Lastly, the movie omitted several characters from the novel, which some can be considered influential to Marjane's perception on the way she thinks life should be. The novel mentioned a maid name Mehri who was close to Marjane when she was younger. Mehri fell in love with a boy, but unfortunately couldn't marry him because her social status was lower than his. This enraged Marjane that social class can interfere with love and the movie didn't mention Mehri at all. Also there was a prisoner released with Siamak named Mohsen. Mohsen visited Marjane and her family when he was released form prison and he told them his stories about him being tortured. His stories made Marjane have a little fear, but inspired her to create a torture game from it. The movie mentioned Mohsen only when he died. Even though these minor characters didn't contribute a lot to the plot, in minor ways, they

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