Persepolis Events Essay

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Events of Persepolis
In the novel Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood (Persepolis) by Marjane Satrapi, this work takes place in Iran during the Islamic revolution (from Marjane’s childhood to her early adult years). When reading Persepolis, the audience can make inferences on how different life is here compared to Iran during the war for example the clothing, schools, place of religion, career goals, and the way kids view their heroes. (Jaffe Culture). In the work Satrapi frequently adds in details in the beginning explaining the changes occurring once the Islamic revolution started and her thoughts on the changes for instance the veil. Satrapi mentions that she didn’t understand the reasoning for wearing the veil or why they had to wear it to school, she also mentions that many of her friends also disliked it (Persepolis P7). Another change that Satrapi addressed was when Bilingual schools had been shut down due to the belief that they were a Symbol of capitalism (Persepolis P8).
After undergoing the frequent changes in her life Satrapi began investing herself into the holy book and was inspired to become a prophet. At first Satrapi wanted to do everything she could to follow the rules from the holy book “You must base everything on
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Merhi was 10 years old when Satrapi was born. Satrapi explains that Mehri had fallen in love with their neighbor and how once her father had found out he forced them to stop talking. He explained to the neighbor that Mehri was a maid he could not be with her because he was rich, Satrapi shows her views on social classes after this event she mentioned that it isn’t Merhi’s fault she was born into that social class (Persepolis 41). After growing older Satrapi started to realize many people are not as privileged as her which is why many were against the Iranian revolution, slowly her and her family realize the revolution isn’t much better than the monarchy (The guardian paragraph
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