Persepolis Is A Book Written By Marjane Satrapi

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Persepolis is a book written by Marjane Satrapi. This book is about her childhood life and experience through the Islamic Revolution. This book can be read through Social Power Theory Lense. Throughout this book, Satrapi is trying to illustrate that people in power use money and class to influence and control another group of people by forcing their ideas onto them. Satrapi wants to express her feeling of how Social Power Theory influenced the Iranian people back in the 1979. Through the lense of Social Power Theory, power is being used to manipulate another group of people in the Iranian society in this book. Social Power Theory is clearly evident in “The Water Cell”. This section of this book concerns itself with how the British want oil from Iran. A powerful country can influence another country by forcing their ideas onto the Iranian people. Back in the days when the Shah’s father was in control, he was being manipulated by the British. “He was an illiterate low-ranking officer” (Pg. 20). British are full of knowledge. Thus, power is held being in those who are educated. In order for them to exploit the natural resources, they knew that they must target someone who was uneducated. Since British knew that the Shah’s father was uneducated, they targeted him to get the oil from Iran. It was easy for them to manipulate, use their power and wealth to get him to believe in them. The shah’s father sees this as an opportunity because he lacked power and education. He didn’t

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