Persepolis Is The Realistic Novel

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Persepolis is the realistic novel about the life Marjane in pre and post progressive war in Iran and her transition in Europe. The novel explains Satrap’s development from young sge to defiant punk-cherishing adolescent in Iran. Importantly, its mostly it covered Satrap growing strains of the political atmosphere in Iran in during the 70s and 80s, with individuals from her liberal inclining family kept and afterward executed, and the foundation of the grievous Iran/Iraq war. This novel also explains fear of loss, suffering, and inequality. There are several factors that shape Marjane Moral and value.
The oppression from the war had effect on Marjane life change her moral and value because the death and injustice in Marjane neighborhood. Then she realized her neighborhood was not safe place for because her country does not give her the chance to grow and learn. She was force to accept a value she did not grow in. when she was ten years old and she was forced to wear veil to school. At that same early age she witnesses chaotic protest f for and against culture revolution. Then her French non-religious school transfer into two all-girls and all boys’ religious school (1-5 Satrapi). It was kind of beyond her imagination seeing her protest against the change and her picture been in the headline of the newspaper across Europe. As the result of Marjane mother bravery put fear in her just for short moment.
In addition, from Marjane childhood propriety of understanding of the war

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