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Affects of Revolutions Throughout the past few centuries there have been many different revolutions that affected different parts of Europe. Some took place a long time ago in France or in other parts of Western Europe while others were more recent and took place in Russia and other Eastern European countries. Many were violent and extreme while some were more peaceful but the goals were the same, to fight against an oppressor and to stand up for what they believed in. In the book Persepolis, the main character Marjane Satrapi (also the author) and her family are living in Iran during the times of two great revolutions. The first revolution is to overthrow the Shah a brutal ruler who compares himself to somewhat of a God. The…show more content…
The attitudes towards this revolution are very different. Everyone tries to hide things and no one really openly demonstrates against the government. Marjane’s family is against the Islamic Republic but they oppose it in secret and continue to break the laws by drinking illegal alcohol and throwing parties. They don’t go out into the streets and protest or even discuss the government in public though. Everything they do is behind closed doors. There are a few key differences in how Marjane and her family act during each of the revolutions. During the first, they are very vocal and excited about protesting and demonstrating against the Shah. But during the second revolution, her family is not vocal in public about how they feel at all. Everything is kept to themselves and with close friends. Secretly they don’t support the government but because of what can happen to them or their family members. People are more scared during this revolution than the other. They have heard of what happens and that you most likely die if you are taken away. Marjane’s family now doesn’t try to act like heroes; they just go along with what they are supposed to do but secretly hating it. They act completely different from how they acted during the first revolution in which they are demonstrating in the streets. Every revolution to ever occur throughout history is in some way
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