Persepolis : The Other Perspective Of Iran

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The purpose of Persepolis is to show the other perspective of Iran. Furthermore, the book interprets what life may be like, and that it is not a country made up of fundamentalists and terrorists. Along with that, it is to demonstrate the misconceptions from the outside looking in, and that the interpretations of the country by the West are very much mistaken. To start with, Iran was facing many changes with ruling and religion along with many other issues. The author of this book is a ten year old girl going through a large cultural revolution which was very confusing for her and other people at the time. Protests where happening all around the area they were living in which was for and against the revolution. Marjane’s mother was against the revolution changes. Her mother’s picture happened to appear all over Europe when she was protesting. This was very frightening for her after that had happened. In addition, Marjane had a belief that one day she would become a profit, even further, the last prophet. In the reading it showed how she was talking to God about her different ideas and what her plan of action was. Her main goal she had was to have three symbols that she identified as justice, love, and the wrath of God. Her hopes were very high, but others teased her for her ideas. Marjane wasn’t really your typical ten-year-old in some aspects. She liked to read many books and tried teaching herself what was going on with rulers and important revolutionary figures that…
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