Persepolis : The Theme Of Heroism And Freedom

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Music can be immensely therapeutic. The artifact that I have submitted highlighted on the theme of heroism, freedom and standing up for your rights. It is an uplifting beat that makes the listener confident and optimistic about life. This was the same feeling depicted by Siamak and Moshen when they were released from imprisonment.
Persepolis setting starts right after the Iranian Revolution after the downfall of the Shah. This change led to Islamic Republican rallies against all Western influences, forcing all girls and women to wear veils and everyone changing their customs. “Then came 1980: the year it became obligatory to wear the veil at school” (Persepolis 1. 4). Marjane Satrapi portrays her childhood story in first person showing what life was like for her and her family. After the revolution succeeded, many political prisoners from the revolution was freed from prison. “The political prisoners were liberated a few days later. They were 3000 of them” (Persepolis 7. 1). The prisoners included Siamak Jari and Moshen Shakiba. Siamak is the husband of Marjane’s best friend and Moshen is an old family friend. Marjane’s family invites both men and their family to discuss their experience in prison. Moshen spoke about the painful torture he endured. Before the release of Moshen and Siamak, Marjane had Laly, Siamak’s daughter, that he was dead. Unfortunately, Laly believed Marjane because she realized that her father had been gone for a very long time and perceived that

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