Persepolis Was Set In Iran, During The Islamic Revolution

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Persepolis was set in Iran, during the Islamic Revolution in the 1979. A reason why this graphic novel was created was so the narrator could talk about her experience on how it was to live in a community that constantly tried oppressing people. Islamic Revolution not only brought pain and sadness in a community but it ruined the personality of the citizens. The purpose of the Islamic Revolution was an attempt to alter the beliefs of other forcefully with the threat of getting killed or getting tortured to death. Even with these threats the narrator was outspoken to the point her parents feared for her safety. This leads me to say that the Islamic Revolution had a huge impact on the life of the narrator to the point where she wrote a …show more content…
Marjane was very proud of her mom making it on the newspaper, but she did not understand that her mom was very scared because she appeared on the Newspaper in Iran. She was frightened that her oppressors would find her and murder her to the point where she died her hair blond and wore dark shades for a while. The narrator failed to realize that her mom could be killed at any moment if her oppressors knew she was fighting for freedom.
Marjane’s great grandfather did not approve people being oppressed. To start off the emperor that was overthrown from his seat of throne was the narrator Grandpa’s father The emperor was never known for being a good emperor. He would do things for his own selfish reasons, he even elected his son to be the prime minister because he did not want his son to be the next emperor. As Sartrapi grandpa became the prime minister he started to teach himself about Europe and what is going on there. He learned that people are condemned to their social class, so he came a communist.
A communist is a person who supports his or belief and in this case he believed people should not be condemned to their social class. Due to his belief he was sent to prison multiple of times, and left in terrible condition while in the prison. The narrator was in shock about her family history, and wanted to have an understanding on how it felt to be in her grandpa’s position. She decided to take a bath to have a slight
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