Perseus - A Pilot With Low Wage

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Perseus - A pilot with low wage - collects scrap on the planet of Forthou desperate for money, with his only childhood friend, Ami ; a good old humorous friend. “Where are we heading now?” Ami said. Perseus continues to walk, “TX-A Mining colony, it 's the only place we will make decent wage.” Perseus walks into the “Mars Bar”. He walks into a Seat with Ami, while a man in a hat walks in. *Space phone rings* “My dad sorry”, Perseus hangs up the phone. Ami gets a few drinks, “Do you know him?” Ami said quietly. The man takes a seat with Perseus and Ami. “May I sit here laddy”. “Sorry we’re waiting for a friend”. The man named Desu sits down anyways. The man starts a conversation with the two and claims that he needs a ride to TX-A mining…show more content…
Perseus finds his purpose in life and concludes to himself that he must kill Medusa. Perseus asks Desu if he maybe trained and Desu agrees. During his short training Perseus learn at a fast pace, but does not learn much. Perseus is desperate and scours the galaxy for Medusa. In his journey his Journey Perseus receives a tip off that Medusa is on the moon Kamak. He, Ami, and Desu set off to the moon but arrive to see Desus old Pirate gang. “Lad whatever you do do not make them angry”, says Desu in a cocky tone. As the trio are walking through the moon A pirate notices Desu and screams “TRAITOR”, pointing at Desu. Desu and Ami get carried off into the Pirates encampment, but Perseus escapes unseen. “Comet me bro”, exclaims Ami. The pirates take partial humor in this before brutally beating Ami. Perseus, angered by the pirates, walks into the camp with only a sword in hand. Perseus slashes and clashes with many blades killing many. “Are you alright”, says Perseus to Ami as he rescues him. “Well i 've been bleeding for hours and i can 't move so what do you think” says Ami sarcastically. Perseus moves on to Desus cage where he finds him stripped naked and slashed many times. “You must come with me is you want to live” says Perseus, “I will try my best”, replies Desu. Carrying both companions Perseus Runs for safety when a pirate comes up behind Perseus and stabs Desu in the back.

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