Perseus and the Gordon Medusa

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I.Summary: Perseus and the Gordon Medusa begins when Polydektes falls in love with Perseus’ Mother, Danae. Polydektes realizes that he will not obtain Perseus approval over the courtship, but determined to win Danae’s love “by fair means of foul.” Polydektes comes up with a scheme to take Perseus out of the picture. Polydektes pretends to be in love with Hippodameia, Polydektes goes collecting horses as a gift for his bride. “Perseus, when asked for his donation, boasted that if necessary he would even fetch the head if the Gordon Medusa, so Polydektes took him up on his offer, sure that her could never return alive.” Perseus embarks on his mission, Athene and Hermes offer their divine help. Athene and Hermes counsel him to go and find…show more content…
She is a symbol of feminine power, during a time where a majority of power was only held by men. E. Did Athene have alternative motives in helping Perseus? from what the reader can gather, Athene and Medusa seem to have quite a past between them. Medusa was said to have been a beautiful woman at one point, one day while she was praying in Athene’s temple Poseidon, the god of the sea, notices her and is overcome by lust toward her. Athene is not pleased to know all this happened in her temple and punishes Medusa for seducing Poseidon. Athene gives council and aid in Perseus mission to kill Medusa. Is it valid to say the Perseus was the one who killed Medusa, Athene was the one who guided the hand of Perseus. Does this count as a heroic act by Perseus when the aid he received from Athene was so grand.
Unpack broad terms. A.The name Perseus is said to derive from the Greek word Pertho, which means to destroy. Perseus really is a destroyer, he seeks out to be the hero, he finds any reason possible to fight and show off his heroism. His drive to become a hero is why the gods Hermes and Athene decided to give him divine council, they were able to see the desire and potential of this young man to handle such an impossible task.
Make Connections A. This story can be related to the readers life, often in life difficult task or situations arise this story shows that with perseverance one can overcome any obstacle set before
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