Perseverance : A Common Misconception That Has Plagued The World

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There is a common misconception that has plagued the world. A common misconception that has left our nation divided, one that has left our hearts anxious and disappointed. It has destroyed families, corrupted the youth, and left individuals feel the immeasurable pain of incompetence. This idea, the tarnished, monetary idea of what success is defined as, will continue to infect our realm if we do not look begin to view this age-old topic differently. Nick Vujucic, a thirty-two year old man who was born without arms and legs, challenging him routinely in even the simplest daily activities, boldly stood in front of twenty-four countries and over three million people in his unintentional demonstration of his own success. When one looks at Nick Vujucic, they should see three things: perseverance, optimism, and his search for something beyond himself which, ultimately, have lead him to his enduring success. Perseverance: “A steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement” (Perseverance, 1). If there is any one person who displays perseverance, it is Nick Vujucic. Vujucic, despite normal ultrasounds and a healthy prenatal period, was born without any arms or legs. Going through the events of one’s day, it is extremely difficult to come up with more than two actions that were completed without using the appendages. A huge setback was placed on Vujucic’s life before he was even old enough to
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