Perseverance Analysis. Many People Suffer Problemsin The

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Perseverance Analysis Many people suffer problems in the world today. This includes terrorism and tyranny. It includes kidnapping and hate crime. It can also be cancer and starvation. Many have lived through problems like these and told the tale because they persevered. Through Hillenbrand’s Unbroken, Wiesel’s Night, and Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, perseverance is emphasized the readers by writing about characters, whether they are survivors of the Holocaust, a prisoner of war, or family, that have to suffer obstacles that can potentially kill them if they don’t overcome it. Even though each author has a different way to show perseverance, they all agree on what perseverance can do. Persevering through unfortunate situations…show more content…
Since Elie was part of the marching out of Auschwitz, he describes “If one of us stopped for a second, a quick shot eliminated the filthy dog… The idea of dying, of ceasing to be, began to fascinate me… My father’s presence was the only thing that stopped me”(Wiesel 85-86). Elie was so tired of running that he was starting to think about welcoming death and not having all the pain that he has anymore. He was able to continue and persevere through the trials of that march was just because his father was alive and it is understood if someone would live just because they’re still with family. He persevered through the cold, the German soldiers, an infection in his foot, and against his weak body. Elie’s writing contained obstacles that Elie overcame. Night teaches readers today that persevering through life-threatening situations can keep them alive and help them survive anything. Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird shows theme by placing people that aren’t racist in a racist society. Jem is a character that illustrates perseverance. Atticus’ choice in defending a black man attracted a lot of attention from the society with Jem and Scout caught with him. Jem had enough when he heard Mrs. Dubose made the insult to his father “nigger-lover”. When Jem heard that he reacted by trampling her flowers but that forced him to be punished by reading to Mrs. Dubose for about a month. Scout continues “One afternoon a month later Jem was ploughing his way through Sir Walter

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