Perseverance And College Success Research

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College success and college world differ somewhat from real life where people confront with struggles to succeed those dreams and plans that motivate them initially to follow a college education. Planned steps that drive people where they seek to arrive, once they finish college, may seem easy to manage, but the truth is opposite; people become aware that the surrounding factors are extremely hostile when they try to achieve goals and make decisions. However, the success of those that have completed a college education and step into the real world, depends on several individual factors such as; motivation, self-confidence, personality, and perseverance are factors that can influence future decisions that are necessary to achieve their goals.…show more content…
Finally, individual factors are primary contributors to personal and professional achievements, that correspond to our plans, once we step from college in the real world. Therefore, motivation and self-confidence can transform a simple or challenging vision of the future into reality even if we are inexperienced. Additionally, perseverance is one of condition for evolution that leads to success. Personality may be the most important factor regarding the success or failure; an individual may have a proper education to succeed, but if it lacks a coordinated personality is useless. Therefore, a college student may live under the impression that education is the only key to success. Consequently, individuals that just step out from college in the real world sometimes become demoralized even if are well-prepared, because of various reasons such as; the fact that cannot find a job or discover that the job is not how they imagined. Success, once education is complete, involves many aspects that are under or beyond our control. Specific internal qualities combined with external factors and knowledge can influence the steps to fulfill well-set
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