Perseverance In Divergent

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The war was terrible, the whole world was destroyed. The last city left divided themselves into five factions to keep the peace. The smart ones are classified Erudite. Amity are always kind, Candor value honesty, Dauntless are brave, and Abnegation are selfless. The system works because everyone knows where they belong; everyone except for Tris. In the novel Divergent, by Veronica Roth, Tris demonstrates perseverance; this is shown through how she is able to step out of her comfort zone, always remains undeterred, and can overcome obstacles. Tris steps out of her comfort zone several times throughout the book; when she changes factions, jumps off a roof, and becomes a leader. Tris has always known that she does not belong, especially when…show more content…
Abnegation has very strict rules that ban anything that makes one selfish. Tris has a rare condition called Divergent; which means she can belong in more than one faction. The government think that it is dangerous, so they try to kill anyone who has it. Tris has to hide it, so even though being curious is selfish; she secretly asks different sources for help, some of which question her curiosity, “Never net a curious Abnegation before” (Roth 12). By doing this, she feels that she has improved her understanding of it, and can conceal it. Dauntless are known for being tough, so in initiation they are taught to fight. Tris is not strong, so she gets knocked out very fast during her fight. While in the hospital she is told that she is not aloud continue training, and that she will have to leave. She felt discouraged because she did not risk everything just to quit now. Tris was not going to take no for an answer, so even though she was in extreme pain, she continued initiation. The last occasion that Tris remains undeterred is when she goes zip lining. To take their minds off of initiation, everyone decides to go zip lining. No one wants Tris to go because they think that she does not fit in, but she stands up for herself and reluctantly, they let her go. She was petrified, because if she backed down, she would be made fun of; but she went down the zip line and proved herself as an equal. It is tough to always remain undeterred, especially when you have to go through it alone; but because Tris persevered she is able to stay
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