Perseverance In The Lost Boys

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When you get knocked down you have to get back up and try harder. Giving up should never be an option have perseverance and continue strong until the end. The three texts that mostly demonstrate perseverance are “The lost boys, “life without limbs” and “Saudi Arabia's Freedom Riders”. The first text that shows the theme of perseverance is “The lost boys”. There was a war in islam between the islamic government and southern sudans. Peter Dut and his two brothers belong to a group of refugees called the Lost Boys. The boys were heeded to a new home in the U.S, along the way they encountered attacks from northern army and marauding bandits and lions. The boys could have stopped there and gave up but they didn't. When the boys crossed the Ethiopian river some were eaten but crocodiles and drowned to death. When they finally made it to America they got a two bedroom apartment with rent that cost 445 a month. The two younger boys finally are in school a few weeks later on while Peter there older brother starts adult education classes. The brothers showed a lot of perseverance because they could have turned around after being attacked but they were so dedicated to…show more content…
Women are not allowed to drive at all in Saudi Arabia. But women like Qahtani break the law and still drive around. They have been thrown in jail time after time but they keep on fighting to get rights. Women in saudi arabia are also not allowed to date. They are not allowed to date or even be friends with a boy, they also need permission from men to go get a job. “Others have been arrested” this shows that women here don't have many rights at all but just to vote. Women have been campaign on allowing women to drive . The last time a women went to court and tried to get rights for driving was in 1990. This shows perseverance because the women didn't give up after being thrown in jail they kept fight to get the same rights as men
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