Perseverance In Through The Tunnel

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The story “Through the Tunnel” by Doris Lessing has a main theme of perseverance throughout the entire story. The young boy in the story, Jerry, is the main character, and he was going to overcome his fear. He had been contemplating if he should go down through the hole, or tunnel, that the big kids were going through. The only problem was that he had to hold his breath for a long time under the water. He is a great example of what the story is mainly about, if you do not give up and you persevere, you can achieve things you never thought you could. The passage that was significant and that moved the plot along efficiently was paragraphs 35-39. At this point in the story, Jerry has already began his journey through the tunnel. In the story “Through the Tunnel” Lessing describes how even through the pain and struggling, perseverance is important. Like when Lessing illustrates the struggle by saying, “Seventy-one, seventy- two… there was no strain…show more content…
She shows this in “Through The Tunnel” in many ways. Her main point in the middle section of the passage is the pressure and the feeling of giving up. She explains Jerry’s loss of hop by stating, “Victory filled him. His lungs were beginning to hurt. A few more strokes and he would be out. He was counting wildly; he said a hundred fifteen, and then a long time later, a hundred fifteen again.”(par. 37) This was one of many examples of times he was losing hope, but persevered through the tough times. This was an important point of the passage because it was the climax where you think he was going to give up, but he does not. The text “Through the Tunnel” shows key examples and ways of perseverance. Lessing believes in many key ways to persevere and the main point of the entire text is that perseverance is a key part to success. We saw examples of Jerry persevering and overcoming his fears. This is important and significant to everyday life and achieving
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