Perseverance Is The Essence Of Boyhood

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Perseverance is the essence of Boyhood. Through several different households, an array of living situations, different levels of poverty, and a plethora of experiences; we see Mason overcome coercion in school, at home, and in his own mind. Through what may seem as unfavorable situations Mason emerges as an individual with a positive out look on the rest of his life. What made him this way? Was it his moms support and the way she raised him and his sister? Did seeing his mom start from basically nothing and picking herself up and making something out of nothing help give Mason a spark of ambition? Maybe it was all the things his father told him that stuck with him through all these years and gave him the motivation to always keep his head up and not let bad moments make up a bad life. If none of this gave us the outcome we got, then was it predisposition from the day Mason was born to be kind, gentle, shy, and a mostly positive person? Mason, his mom, and his sister did not let being poor define them. His mom did not succumb to the negativity of several bad relationships, troublesome times, and abuse from all angles. She could have let all these things define her but she kept her head up and overcome these obstacles. What made her be this way? What gives people this drive to be better?We could look at the opposite end of things and ask what makes people not want to be better. Mason through all the different things he went through and all his experiences was still the same

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