Perseverance Make Me Wrong

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There I was cooking breakfast for my family in my kitchen. I finished eggs, waffles, toast, and I was waiting for the French toast to finish cooking. Then I forgot to let my dog inside so I went to let him in, and when I got back I lifted the pan and I burnt the French Toast. Smoke poured out and the a subtle blast of charred eggs toast and cinnamon. I felt like I had ruined the breakfast for everyone. That day I learned that I need to have perseverance and friend family support to turn a moments fail into a success. One way someone can make a success is to have perseverance. Perseverance is like determination or not giving up no matter how difficult. The more Someone practice the more they learn or as some people say ¨practice makes perfect¨. When I mess up breakfast for the next 3 breakfasts I made french toast to practice they got better and better until I made one that was very good. This is a reason for someone to practice whenever it is.…show more content…
If someone were to say something like ¨ they’re bad at soccer¨ then they might not want to practice any more. The opposite can also be true if someone's friend said ¨they’re ok at football but, they might need some practice¨ then that person might want to practice more. Having friends try what someone need help with can help quite a lot .cooking and them saying things like good job, maybe more salt. Thing like evaluating someone or judging someone can help them based on other people's opinions. When I failed at making breakfast I used perseverance and family and friend support helped me succeed. There are many ways to change a failure to a success. I turned my failure into a success with perseverance and family and or friend
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