Perseverance : Teaching Habits And Attitudes For The 21st Century

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Perseverance 1. Consider the habitude of perseverance as it is defined in the text, Classroom Habitudes: Teaching Habits and Attitudes for the 21st Century. Mentally identify times in your life when you experienced perseverance. Briefly describe one experience, which would be appropriate to share with the students in your placement. 1. One experience that I could describe to my students that showcased my ability to have perseverance was when I was in the fourth grade and wanted to hit a softball over a fence. When I was younger my biggest passion was playing softball. I went to every practice, every game, and practiced outside of the required practices. During the nights when my team did not have mandatory practices, I would beg my dad…show more content…
I like to think to myself, that softball is still buried deep in those woods, and maybe one day someone will find it and try to achieve the same goal I had and have the perseverance to never give up and continue to try. 2. How might your students be able to relate to the experience? 1. My students might be able to relate to this experience because this experience took place around their age. This year I will be with third graders and I believe if they hear a story about myself that is close to their age they will be able to have the same perseverance that I had at that young of an age. Also, growing up close to my placement county, Jones county, and being placed in the county before, I know that Jones county is very big on sports and my past students all played a sport; therefore, I feel that a lot of my students will be able to relate this experience to themselves. Not only do I believe my experiences will inspire my students to continue on and try their best in sports, but I believe it will inspire them to persevere through tough times in school because it’s an experience that teaches never to give up and hard work pays off. 3. What might they learn from your sharing? 1. I believe students will learn from me sharing my experiences the idea that to achieve goals takes hard work and time. Some goals cannot be achieved over night, but through perseverance and dedication they can be reached. Also, through my experience I hope they understand that sometimes goals

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