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The novel Sense and Sensibility was truly a masterpiece. Written by Jane Austen this ironic love story has captured the heart of readers for years. The popularity of Austen as a novelist can now be experienced through film. This book has been adapted into various screenplays, including one by Emma Thompson. Another version of the film was done by the BBC. Perhaps it is the manner in which it was filmed, the character choices or other aspects of the films that make them so different. Though they are based upon the same novel it is to be sure that the Emma Thompson version will preserve Austen’s talent in the world of film.
     The Emma Thompson version can be well spoken of in that its greatest strength is its
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It is not to say that it is not an educational version. This lower budget allowed for the full development of the characters in a way a short made for Hollywood film can not. Yet it is not to the taste of many of those in today’s audience.
     One scene in the film in which Marianne and Elinor discuss the prospect of Edwad Ferras is handled quite differently in each of the films. In Thompson’s Marianne visits Elinor’s bedroom as she is settling in for the night to discuss Elinor’s true feelings about her time spent with Mr. Ferras. This scene is exciting in that it shows the girls talking quietly in the night about a rather taboo subject. The idea that Marianne comes to Elinor’s bedroom suggests the matter is of an intimate nature, as it surely is. In the BBC version the girls are propped on a see-saw type apparatus. This suggests a type of disagreement between the two while still maintaining an understanding. They shift their weight and ideas back and forth while still supporting wash other. This is a more literal depiction of their feeling about the matter.
     Another notable scene is of the conversation between Fanny Dashwood and Mrs. Dashwood as to the high hopes the family has for Edward. In the BBC there more of Fanny’s cruelty is revealed through her comments concerning the china and furniture in the house. Mrs. Dashwood’s character is developed further when she defends herself against Fanny’s malice.

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