Persian Stereotypes

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Iran(former Persia) is a country located in the middle-east. However, it's not an ARAB country and the people speak persian(farsi) NOT arabic. They are well known for being rich, educated, and good looking. They are also famous for their cats and hand-made rugs. Physical features: Persian women are said to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. They are famous for their exotic looking eyes. In general, Persians have black hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. However, this is just a generalization and it varies. There are some who have hazel eyes or brown hair, and some who have dark brown skin. Persian men are very handsome and Persian women are some of the best looking women in the middle east ( Only Lebanon has more…show more content…
44. Even though you it takes 100 hours to say goodbye to everyone in a party you must do it. 45. Even if you're not hungry you must eat dinner in a party otherwise the host will get mad. 46. Parents must have an unconditional decision in every aspect of your life. 47. Your Parents keep telling you to learn from Reza and how amazing he treats his parents. 48. You must drive under 2 miles per hour when your parents are in your dad's New Mercedes with you driving. 49. You can stay at home living off your parents as long as you want. 50. When you have your arguments with your spouse you have your parents to back you up when your living in their house. 51. Even when you move out to your new home, you mum comes and cooks for you. 52. You take over your dad's business when he retires and begin to make your own business empire which can range from making bar-bari to selling stolen BMWs. 53.You can play takhteh and shatranj and hokm with your grandad for hours while watching NITV. 54. You can have 7 hour Iranian political conversations. 55. You know every single Iranian revolution conspiracy theory from Carter to Mickey Mouse being involved. 56.You tell the story how you met a member of the Pahlavi family 57. You know the story how Khomeini is from Kashmir 58. You can sit with other Iranian fathers and boast about your children 59. You never miss the oppurtunity to tell an American that his khakis, the

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