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Winfrey’s Person Centered Therapy: Review Journals Approach to Psychotherapy and Counseling Talia Washington-Winfrey Rochester College

Winfrey’s Person Centered Therapy (PCT) is a form of talk psychotherapy. This therapy is to provide clients to develop a sense of feelings, to bring out emotions, and a reflection of behavior also known as Client-Centered. Throughout this form of therapy the therapist provides the client with a safe, non- judgmental approach. PCT helps the clients to find their own solutions to their problems. The foundation of this therapy originated from Carl Rogers in 1930, in which is still very
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Brice (2011) explains that the therapist, by speaking up, may inadvertently disrupt the client’s experience: “I believe my silence is a powerful intervention and is not always the intervention I want to make to show my engagement with the client” (p. 256). Thus, using strongly heuristic and autodidactic methods, the therapist enters the client’s world on the client’s own terms.
Rogers (1951) himself stated that “the private world of the individual ‘‘can only be known, in any genuine or complete sense, to the individual himself” (p. 483). Thus, because of its reliance on the client’s partial tethering to reality and contingent self-knowledge, Person-Centered Therapy is largely ineffective for severe psychopathologies such as schizophrenia.
Following in Rogers’ footsteps, therapists must accentuate their own “skills of warmth, deep empathy, unconditional positive regard, and of deeply wanting to know clients” (Cochran, Fauth, Cochran, Spurgeon, & Pierce, 2010, p. 317). Indeed, when a client discusses painful experiences, the therapist is encouraged to feel the same emotions. Brice (2011) admits, “I often cry when clients are moved to [emotional] extremes. This is a human encounter. To reject my humanity at this point would be to abandon my client. I had wanted to hold his experience safely, so that he could experience it differently and begin to

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