Person Centered Psychotherapy And Carl Rogers Essay

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Person-Centered Psychotherapy and Carl Rogers Carl Rogers (1902-1987) is the founder of person-centered psychotherapy approach. Person-centered psychotherapy, which is one of the most popular approaches in modern psychology, is a sub-group of humanistic-existential counseling. The other two approaches under this umbrella are existential counseling and gestalt counseling. (Gehart, 2015) Rogers was born into a highly conservative Protestant Christian family in Greater Chicago area. He became interested in modern religious viewpoint and spent two years in Union Theological Seminary. He took some psychology classes there and decided to earn a doctorate level in clinical psychology. After that, he attended Teachers College, Columbia University. He was exposed to Freudian views by his professors during his doctorate years. He worked in a child guidance clinic in New York for twelve years when he lived a comparative isolation from the thinking of others. At that time, in his practice institution, he found a chance to contact to Otto Rank limitedly. His faculty position at Ohio State University was a sharp shift that he realized that he has a new pathway of clinical view. In his University of Chicago years, he found the opportunity for research, the inclusion of graduate students from education, theology, human development, sociology, industrial relations, as well as psychology. He claimed that, his clinical experience with individuals who need help, had a persistent influence
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