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Running Head: A BRIEF CRITIQUE OF PERSON CENTERED THERAPY A Brief Critique of Person Centered Therapy Date of submission: 11.09.2008 A Brief Critique of Person Centered Therapy “Existential therapy is a process of searching for the value and meaning in life” “(Corey, p. 131) with a focus on central concerns of the person’s existence; Such as death, freedom, existential isolation and meaningless. “Existential therapy can best be described as a philosophical approach that influences a counselor’s therapeutic practice” (Corey, p. 131). Founders of Existential Therapy include Soren Kagarra, Fredrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger and Martin Buber. They employed the humanistic approach. The contributing…show more content…
Existential therapy has made many great contributions to the world of counseling. Existential therapy brought out the focus on the humanity of the individual. The approach has something to offer counselors regardless of their theoretical orientation as it stresses self determination accepting the personal responsibility that accompanies freedom and viewing oneself as the authors of their own lives. There needs to be a self responsibility that is taking place within the client in all types of therapy. Existential therapy also provides a perspective in understanding the value of anxiety and guilt, the role and meaning of death, and creative aspects of being alone and choosing for oneself. A major strength of the approach is that it enables clients to examine the degree to which their behavior is being influenced by social and cultural conditioning. Carl Rogers founded person centered therapy during the 1940’s as a reaction against Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. Person centered therapy is based on subjective view of human experiences and emphasizes the client’s resources for becoming self aware and for resolving blocks to personal growth. It puts the client and not the therapist in the center of therapy. Rather than presenting his approach as a fixed and completed approach he looked at people to continue to develop his approach as more knowledge and experience is gained. Person centered therapy is built

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