Person Centred Care

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The Importance of Using an Individualised Person Centred Approach to Nursing Care with and for Older People This essay explores the idea of Person Centred Care and the significance it has in caring for an older patient. Issues related to patients incapable of taking part in their care will also be discussed. Each and every patient should be treated holistically and individually to their own personal needs as part of any nursing care plan. This essay will show this is especially evident in the person centred approach to caring for the older patient. What is person centred care? Originally developed by Dr. Carl Rogers in the 1960s as an approach to psychotherapy, person centred care is an approach to nursing care which involves the…show more content…
Patient’s often try to pretend they understand for fear of minor embarrassment. This is easily solved with repeating the instructions and making the language simpler, avoiding miscommunication. Beliefs and Values There are many issues to be considered carefully when planning the nursing care for the older population especially due to changes over time in beliefs, principles and values. This is why it is essential to treat each and every patient individually to provide them with the best care possible and to offer them every support in improving their quality of life. In this country especially, religious belief and practice is much stronger in the older population, making it all the more significant in making the patient feel happy and comfortable during their stay in hospital. We all know that a happy patient is a cooperative patient; meeting their social, religious and pleasurable needs is a trouble-free way of getting the best cooperation from the patient. Continuing the person centred care nursing approach after discharge It is always important to consider what will happen to this patient after they are discharged. Is the patient capable of attending to their own activities of daily living unassisted? Will this patient require long term care? Has the patient any family or friends willing to assist the patient at home? Will the patient require a home help service and if so can they afford it? Does
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