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This essay will reflect upon an incident that occurred whilst in placement at a Unit for Clients with behaviour and learning needs, and associated autistic difficulties. Clients are both sexes and range in age from four to eighteen. It will be undertaken, defining person centred care in relation to the incident, it will demonstrate awareness to roles and responsibilities of professionals in meeting the needs of the client and it will demonstrate the importance of inter-professional collaboration and discuss the issues that facilitate or act as barriers in this partnership. In Order to Maintain Confidentiality the client has been provided a pseudonym (Nursing and Midwifery Council 2008). Permission was also granted from this client to use…show more content…
To begin with the person is the centre of the plan, to be consulted with and their views must always come first: It should include all aspects of their care, and every professional should work together to provide it. (Leathard 2000) Autonomy refers to an individuals’ ability to come to his or her own decisions and requires nurses to respect the choices patients make concerning their own lives (Hendrick 2000).However Gillon Argues that the principle respect for autonomy may need some restriction, otherwise we may be morally obliged to respect an autonomous course of action with unthinkable consequences.( Gillon 1986) Every human being has an intrinsic value, they all have a right to well being, to self-fulfilment and to as much control over their own lives as is consistent with others (British Association of Social Workers 2002).Professional Judgement and patient preference cannot be suspended if practice is to be safe and effective rather than routine(DOH 2005) Alex had to attend this session as it was within his Timetable, how could it have been effective?, he was unhappy and

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