Person Centred Care

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Describe the factors that help or hinder person-centred care and interprofessional working in relation to a chosen incident. (Word Count 2,993)

In this essay a consultation observed during a Primary Care placement will be described, with the aim of defining person centred care in relation to it. To protect confidentiality and in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s code of conduct (NMC, 2008), the names of persons or places are not referred to. The roles and responsibilities of the professions involved, the importance and difficulties of interprofessional collaboration and the effects of this on person centred care will also be explored. A conclusion will be drawn as to whether the event provided a person centred
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Policy documents such as The National Health Service (NHS) Plan, (DoH, 2000) and the NSF for Older People (DoH, 2001) have defined person centred care as ‘treating older people as individuals and enabling them to make choices about their care’ (DoH, 2001).

Person Centred Care has different meanings for different people and in different contexts and is therefore difficult to define. Brooker (2004) divides this type of care into four main elements; a value of the person as a human being, an individual approach, understanding the person’s perspective and providing a social environment that supports psychological needs. Price (2006) supports this view, suggesting that Person Centred Care is ‘an understanding of the client, their circumstances and needs, deriving from a need for a more sensitive approach to healthcare’. Boise and White (2004) propose that care that is ‘based on personal needs and an experience meaningful to the individual’ is person centred. This article cites Zeruld (2003) who stated that: ‘For improvements in quality of care, both policies and practice needed to create supportive, spiritual, and physical environments stemming from a client’s own values’.

The overall view seems to be that personcentredness can be achieved by taking account of what is important to a person from their own perspective, giving an individual the opportunity to make informed choices. Taking a
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