Person Vs. Self In Short Stories

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This essay will be covering the conflicts of stories and the characters associated with these stories. The purpose of this essay was to inform you of the conflict that characters in stories encounter on there adventures. Person vs Self is a conflict where the character battles his own thought or emotions in a story. Paragraph #1 Person vs self is in the story time of the wolves, Because Almas neighbor Sarah was sick and her husband was away so alma offered to go take care of her even though Alma didn’t like Sarah. Alma also has person vs nature conflict when the wolves attack the house trying to get in to eat Alma and Sarah and they fought a fierce blizzard which trapped them inside for the night. Alma had to go close the door on the horse…show more content…
Rob tried to deal with him as adult as possible. But rob was just trying to keep the mountain safe for everyone. When Rob, Scott and the other teams tried to tell Ian the plan ian stormed out of the tent and said “I can climb when I want”. Rob's plan was to ensure there wasn't any traffic jams or problems at the hillary step. Rob’s plan was realistic and practical considering the lives at danger every second they were on the mountain. Ian and Rob were no very good friends and rob wanted to do what was best for all the teams to keep them safe. Rob had a turn around time of 2 pm to ensure his team was safe on the final push to the summit. That is a sign that Rob cares about people and Ian is only worried about the summit and getting him and his team to the summit. An other story with person vs person is time of the wolves because Alma does not like Sarah and has to take care of her. Sarah tries to attack Alma with an axe but Alma tackles her before she can they also have many verbal
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