Person centred approach

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Person-centred approach - Carl Rogers Person-centred approach is a psychological trend which was invented by Carl Rogers (1902-1987). Carl Rogers was an American psychologist and psychotherapist. His hypothesis was that each person owns a reserved potential of self-understanding and the power to change themselves positively. The task of psychotherapy and helping relationship is to help to mobilize those reserved potentials. The person-centred relationship has three main features: 1. Empathic understanding is when the helper is trying to understand the client’s world and the way the client lives his/her life. During my work I keep my behaviour and emotional responses positive. I do not try to influence the client’s decisions and…show more content…
Client colonised with MRSA at catheter site and is being treated for it. Future infection in the body and stoma site. Keeping the Stoma area clean and caring for the Colostomy. -Health and Safety risk assessment: Client chokes when she is eating or drinking due to her condition. Incorrect diet and supplements will cause choking and health complications. -Heavy Load: Carer pushing the client in a carer controlled wheelchair as client is not able to use electric wheelchair. Carer is at risk of hurting their back when pushing client up gradients. -COSHH: Storage of cleaning goods assessed. -Bed Rails risk assessment: Client can fall out of bed or hurt herself on the rail when having a spasm. -Pressure sore risk assessment: Client is not mobile and thus needs to ensure the use of pressure relieving equipment. -Nutritional risk assessment: To ensure client maintains a healthy nutritional intake. -Financial risk assessment: Client does not have the capacity or mobility to look after her finances. 3. Social needs: On this level, when the basic and safety needs are being satisfied the individual’s emotional needs come to the forefront. The individual’s desire to be surrounded with friends, family. The point is the affectionate, intimate, honest human relationship. Here the love is not to be confused with the basic sexual desire from Level 1. During my work I am trying to keep the client emotionally content. Although my client has a family which visits her as much as
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