Personal Account of Being Obese

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When it comes to Obesity i am one of it victims.I have been suffering from it for the past 7 years. Obesity was basically the "trigger" of all diseases that were in my genetics chain and not to mention the diseases that Obesity forms. In my genetics Blood Pressure,various heart diseases,Diabetes,Bursitis of the knee,Fatigue,Sleep Apnea,Chronic Fatigue syndrome and the one I most hate Insomnia. All of these diseases are present in my genetics some triggered and some on the brink of being triggered to make my life even worse. I have been a victim of Doctors play or basically a "Lab rat" to be more verbal , many doctors were trying medicines and ways of undefined curing just to make use of what they have and basically get rid of it. Obesity…show more content…
And to end this sub paragraph with an example is similar condition to this addiction is Nicotine addiction where people hallucinate and suffer from migraines to joint pain that is all a signal that the brain does to tell the person to feed the addiction so when he feeds his addiction those pains stop and a good feeling flows through the body thus stating addiction Shifting over to diseases that happen during obesity but for i start did you know that there are 400,000 deaths that were caused by diseases that come from Obesity. Ok now lets start with the diseases that I suffer from, starting with High Blood Pressure or Hypertension well you see this disease is commonly known widely for the elderly but Obesity takes a step forward gives it to ya in any age and the risk to develop such diseases is really high for Obese people than for normal people.You might ask how does it occur well the heart's job is to pump blood through arteries and veins to help organs do their job. You see when a person is obese definitely their is alot of fats in his body so these fats are scattered around the body and the fats that are next to the arteries apply pressure to the blood flow thus making the heart pump out more blood and faster which is known as high blood pressure.Second type 2 Diabetes well I don't really suffer from diabetes but I do have it in my genetics and its present in my body but in-order to have it I have to reach level 7.2
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