Personal Accountability: A Study of Teamwork

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Personal Accountability: A Study of Teamwork Introduction The dictionary defines the term 'accountability' as an 'obligation' or 'willingness' to take or accept responsibility for one's actions (Merriam Webster, 1). This term is, often time, elusive, especially in daily life. In theory, accountability helps society function, and function well, and for this reason, all must abide by certain rules and recognize when these rules have been broken but, in practice, this is not always so. This paper will examine various aspects of accountability and will aim to see how competencies and conditions act when alone or in a team, to create task and interpersonal connections. The I" in 'Team' In order to accomplish the afore-stated goal, this essay will analyze some articles written on the topic of personal accountability. The first article to be analyzed offers a revision of the old adage: There is no 'I' in team. In fact, the author of this article states that there is an 'I' in team, for every individual in a team must pull his or her own weight and must, always, take responsibility for his or her own actions. This is an important aspect of accountability, agreed upon by many other experts. When a person is honest and accountable for his or her actions, furthermore, this creates a sense of trust within the team, and the other members may rely upon the said individual for various tasks. In forming a team, whether for a business or pleasurable purpose, one must not only include

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