Personal Action Plan For Personal Personality

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Personal action plan My personality type is Extraversion. Comfort level with relationships, better interpersonal skills, greater social dominance, and more emotionally expressive, also it is higher performance, enhanced leadership, and higher job and life satisfaction. Extraversion encourages us to look outside of ourselves to that we oriented share version of reality. The extraversion is a significant impact on social behavior people with extraversion personality trait are highly social they tend to have strong social skills and extremely friendly they like interacting with people and enjoy attending social events. They attention seekers enthusiastic talkative and loved engaging in deep discussions. I learned from organization behavior course a lot of think and one of these thing is my personality is Extraversion. I will be uncomfortable spending time alone. It is easy for me to make friend. I have friend around all the world. I am always feel comfortable in groups. I feel I am really going well in the group study and group project I can engaged with any group of people. That my secret in the real world, and that why I am going in my soccer team. For example, I start with FAMU soccer team last year. In the first training I meet new people, but after the practice they all become my friend after the first training. In the first game for me with FAMU it was two days after the practice when I knew the coach put me start I was surprised, because It is Important game and I
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