Personal Action Plan: Store Observation

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Personal action plan: Store observation I believe that grocery stores are perhaps the most economically segregated areas of America. Much has been written about 'food deserts,' in which small 'bodega-type' stores without healthy food are the only purveyors available to residents. I have also noticed that very often grocery stores in 'bad' neighborhoods often do not even have the cheapest prices, compared with my regular supermarket. On the other hand, there has been a proliferation of lifestyle-related luxury grocery stores such as Whole Foods, which caters to mu generation's obsession with organic and specialty items. The contrast between bodegas and Whole Foods highlights the growing class divide in America. Just as Americans of different classes are divided by where they can afford to educate their children, live, and dress, economics has a profound effect on how Americans eat and the culture surrounding food. For my assignment, I decided to observe a Whole Foods store. I consider myself to be solidly middle class, and when I was growing up, the cost of food was always a factor in our decision-making. We never ate very expensive food, and when we went out to eat, we were more likely to eat out at a pizza parlor than a fancy, sit-down restaurant. Typical home meals included hamburgers, lasagna, and sometimes chicken in some kind of 'Asian' sauce with rice. Today, as a student on a budget, I tend to shop at a conventional supermarket, occasionally supplementing my food

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