Essay on Personal Action Plan for Diversity Consciousness

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BEHS 220 (2152)
Personal Action Plan for Diversity Consciousness
8 March 2015

Diversity is an ongoing discussion in day-to-day life. Not many situations occur without diversity having a role. There are a multitude of topics that introduces or involves diversity, to include age, sex, race, gender, ethnicity and so on. Prior to participating in this Diversity Awareness class, I’ve always thought diversity was more geared around discrimination and racism. Through weekly readings and discussions, I have discovered that diversity is much broader than that. There are many countries that are mixed culturally
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Prior to taking this course I thought I had a clear understanding of what it meant to have diversity awareness. I have been exposed to many different cultures both through my experiences in the Army and as a civilian, however I was not very aware of diversity. Since taking this course I have realized that increasing my awareness in diversity, would greatly benefit me as an Army soldier and as a future Law Enforcement Agent. As a soldier, I interact with different cultures, races, and sexes on a daily basis. I have developed a better sense of understanding in how other cultures may interact. As a future Law Enforcement, having a better sense of diversity awareness, would prevent me from becoming too stereotypical of other cultures. Throughout this course I have been introduced to diversity in a way I never would have imagined. I’m more cautious before casting judgment about the way I view people and the way people interact.

Two ways in which my “diversity understanding” has been affected by taking this class Understanding diversity is an important matter for us all to understand as a society to help promote a more generous world
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