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Personal Environmental Analysis In today’s economy, it’s hard to keep up a middle-class lifestyle, and to achieve living the upper-class lifestyle is even more of a challenge. The economy still hasn’t recovered from the recession in 2008. Jobs are hard to come by, good paying jobs, especially those that offer advancement and extra bonuses. Everyone wants to stay ahead the competition; the challenge is how? It is a race, a race between young professionals with bachelor degrees, MBA’s Ph.D. and older professionals with experience, extraordinary expertise and qualifications. My name is Germimah Clarke, and my strengths have morphed and developed very strong over the years, especially in my academic, career and social life. Talent, skills, creativity, ambition, and determination and finance are some of the key elements that are needed for pursuing a degree especially for a graduate degree. I’m the eldest. I have a sister and a brother, with two adorable nieces and a nephew. My mom lives in Brooklyn, while my father lives in Trinidad. We all are originally from Trinidad and Tobago; land of calypso, birth place of steel pan and Soca. Both parents are retired; my mom is a retired nurse and my dad is a retired project manager and he made shoes on the side, as well. I work in Manhattan at a very busy law firm in Times Square as a legal secretary. Graduating with an Associate degree in Paralegal Studies followed with a Bachelor Science degree in Business Management both from
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