Personal And Career Development Of The Nursing Community

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Ethics is a set of values that guides many practices and decision throughout personal and career development. Ethics plays a major role in the nursing community. Nurses are to determine what choices will help their patients, and encourage decisions that will improve the outcome of treatment, along with taking care of the family members of the patient. Do to different cultural backgrounds and religion, moral dilemmas arise. One debate in particular relates to whether or not to tell the patients and their loved ones the truth about the patients’ diagnosis or tell the patients a different diagnosis that has the same symptoms because it will go over smoother. Telling the patient the truth is dictated by the nurse and the physician perception of what is most beneficial for the patient. According to Professor Sun, elderly patients in assistant living communities and their families are often told the diagnosis of their condition is Alzheimer’s disease when they have developed tertiary syphilis (S. Sun, personal communication, 2015). According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), the symptoms of tertiary syphilis include blindness, paralysis of extremities, and dementia (2016). Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia. The deception of the two diseases are often told because the nurse and physician perceive passing from tertiary syphilis is a more difficulty situation for the family to handle. The patient has the right to know exactly who is going on with their bodies. The
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