Personal And Career Development Potential

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Understands the importance of applying the knowledge learned in the classroom to continued personal and career development potential.

~Takes ownership of the learning process by setting personal educational goals, and monitoring their own progress.

At the beginning of every school week I open my assignments, make a to-do list on a note pad, and attach that to-do list with the assignments I print out. I print the assignments out so I can take the papers with me and make notes on them directly and so I can carry them with me where ever I go(some places don 't have wifi and I am not to keen on using my phone to make notes.) Then, I prepare my calendar to help me stay on schedule. I have 5 kids, manage a pottery shop, and coach several soccer teams so the calendar is crucial to staying on track with life, work, and school. I can monitor my progress by how well I accomplish my goals for the week because. I try not to think to far ahead of that.

~Is self-motivated to learn and understand; not only driven by grades or external praise.

I have to say that grades are a factor in a lot of the work I do for school. It is actually the main factor because I need them to pass the class and graduate college. BUT, the assignments that are interesting to me are a lot of fun and I work a lot easier and quicker. Most of the time, I don 't really focus on the grade so much as how I feel about the work I have completed. I am very self-motivated in my job. I research new practice…
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