Personal And Career Development Program

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Over the past 24 weeks, the Personal and Career Development program and the internship helped me learn a lot about myself. The professional path helps me gained more confidence and experience and has given me a substantial opportunity to discover my practical and management skills. As a result, I learned about my thinking approach, decision-making ability, capacity, and time management skills. I become more confident in communicating with others, how to discuss and make effective decisions while working with a team. I am able to gain professional experience and developed leadership quality. With the help of this course and the internship, I found a lot of changes in my behavior, feeling, and thinking. I always use to think that knowledge and academic skills were sufficient to do any task. Now I discovered that in addition to practical skills, you also require a proper solid plan and process to make any assumptions, along with understanding the importance of collaboration and working with a team. The Personal and Career Development program helped me in successfully implement strategy that helped me in learning how to explain, evaluate, and learn from our experiences. This program helped me understand how to differentiate between conclusions, assumptions, and actual data based on the description. Further, it assisted me in discovering multiple ways to represent data and helps in making decision about actions, which are appropriate. During the Personal and Career Development
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