Personal And Career Success By Paul J Meyer

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Esteemed self help author, Paul J Meyer, once said “Communication is the key to personal and career success” and he could not be more right. However, while communication is the key to success, there are still many adults in the world today who lack the basic skill set for successful and effective communication. According to a 2016 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, verbal communication skills are ranked first among a job candidate’s ‘must have’ skills and qualities. Clearly, lacking these skills could potentially cause several problems, not only in one’s personal affairs, but with all facets of daily life. That is why it is necessary to incorporate these skills into educational curriculums. Most people will, more…show more content…
In addition to knowing the speaking setting, one needs to have an understanding of communication skills, such as the ability to evaluate one’s audience. When one hears the phrase “oral presentation” the first thought that may come to mind is a formal presentation. Obviously, in the professional setting one will be called upon to create a presentation of information at one point or another and it is important to been able to evaluate who your audience is so that the information is presented not only appropriately but effectively as well. In fact, Greg Satell, contributor to Forbes Magazine, comments on this saying “When we enter professional life, we immerse ourselves in the jargon and principles of our chosen field and obediently follow precepts laid out by our respective priesthoods. Yet we rarely put serious effort toward expressing ourselves in a language that can be understood by those outside our tribe. Then we wonder why our efforts and achievements fail to resonate.” While there is some instruction on how to give a formal presentation in schools today, the communicative aspect of it is often overlooked. Many students do not consider or may not even be aware of the process of analyzing one’s audience. If one does not possess basic skills in oral presentation, such as being able to assess ones audience, then their message may
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