Personal And Diversity Factors Influencing Helping

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One of the biggest topics in today’s society is mental health. There are many pressing issues with mental issues. However, maybe we should look more at the helpers to see if they are competent and efficient with helping clients. Helpers should be actively looking to see if they are self –aware of their surrounds and their biases. If they are not, this could lead to conflict with the client. In this paper we will discuss what is self-awareness, personal factors influencing helping, diversity factors influencing helping, and strategies to improve self-awareness. Through these topics I hope to promote self-awareness regarding the personal and diversity factors that might influence the helping skills process as a helper. What is…show more content…
Personal Factors Influencing Helping When conducting a counseling session, there is an infinite amount of topics that could be discussed. However, there are some common personal factors that might influence helping such as career/future plans, romantic relationships, romantic issues, and moral dilemmas. Many young people go to school every year to enhance their skills in a certain area. Many do not know what their future holds or how he/she will make ends meet after his/her’s schooling has been completed. This can cause anxiety and a lot of stress on the person. Romantic relationships and romantic issues can cause a lot of stress on the parties in the relationship. This can cause the parties to seek counseling to correct the issues in the relationship. Lastly, moral dilemmas can influence helping. On our one project we had to do for this class we watched a counseling session of Carl Rodgers. During this counseling session one of the topics that came up was a moral dilemma. These type of dilemmas can cause anxiety or even depression. Some personal factors that might affect my helping ability would be religious upbringing, dealing with death, dealing with people of special needs, and dealing with people with chronic medical conditions. As a child I was brought up
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