Personal And Ethical Foundations Competency

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Student affairs appears to be the profession for me because I want to work in an environment that challenges both the people I work with, and myself. During my undergraduate career I had the pleasure of working with a variety of advisors and mentors who saw something in me that I, at the time, had not discovered within myself. I was often challenged to push myself a little farther and a little harder in order to accomplish goals that I had struggled to set for myself. Once I discovered that student affairs was a profession I knew I wanted to pursue opportunities that would allow me to help shape student experiences in the same way mine had once been shaped. When measuring my current abilities against the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners, I would rate myself as foundational in a lot of these areas. However, once I start working in the field most of these would move to immediate or advanced quite quickly. For example, in the Personal and Ethical Foundations competency, it states that an advanced outcome is to “create and implement an individualized plan for healthy living” (Eanes et al., 2015). I already try and focus on maintaining a plan for healthy living and I know that I do many things in this competency well. On the other hand, in an area such as Law, Policy, and Goverence I know that I have a minimal foundation since I am just now learning about the technicality of the field of student affairs. My current definition of student affairs
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