Personal And Ethical Values Should Be Legal

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As a lawyer, their personal and ethical values should not influence how they feel about a case but must be set to the side to best represent their defendant. Lawyers must defend their client, even if they feel like they are guilty and represent them the best way they can in the court of law and prove the defendants’ innocent. Every defendant has a right to counsel, a right to an attorney, and a right to a fair trial. Lawyers support the laws on the books and enforce the laws in action because it is about representing their client to their best ability. As a lawyer, it is important to protect the client’s interests and encourage them to tell the truth although the truth can hurt them sometimes in some cases.
Lawyers aren’t placed to judge
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The outcome should not always be the client wants, but the lawyer should do the best they can to win the case in court for their client. Although credibility is important, it is not about the money, but going above and beyond to give the best representation to their client.
Lawyers are individuals who are selected to protect the defendant and represent their client to their best ability with evidence without a reasonable doubt. Lawyers in the court can consist of prosecutors, public defenders or private attorneys. Lawyers go through first their four years of undergraduate studies, and then they attend law school after which is followed by a bar exam. Lawyers are asked to represent and protect their client and win the case for their client. Although they encourage their client to tell them the truth, sometimes the truth can hurt their client. As a lawyer you want to protect your client 's interests, while also making sure they are being honest. Sometimes the truth can hurt the client 's case, but it 's important to always encourage your client to tell the truth. The legal system constantly can change, and nothing is definite but the guidelines are used to solve the cases in the court.
Vince Bruner, Private Attorney, describes his typical day at work as "Paper Wars." He feels the Legal Industry is lacking on the technology side of things, so there’s still lots of physical mail and faxing going
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