Personal And Professional Career Plan

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Abstract The realization of this paper respond to different motivations, both as personal and professional. As result, my individual career plan includes aspects that enriches and improves me with a view to achieving objectives within any given organization. These aspects and actions that lead to the fruit of their own initiative. From the professional level, formal vocational training and completing my master degree has been my new goal. My field of work as a law enforcement officer throughout an Officer United States Army for more than 16 years, over which they have emerged different problems, both from the theoretical and from the urgency of finding practical solutions to everyday. In this issue, the question of the sense of need for…show more content…
It is in my deepest interest to develop a system that will be capturing all our personnel history, which statistics will play an important role. Measuring seniority, promotions, production, their quality, performance, social relations, and also their opinion of the current methods that Army have to evaluate and recognize their efforts. If the Army has high personnel rotation this means that our people don’t agree with the way we are making things possible, or that probably we are not offering what they are looking for. My main career goal is to complete my Master in Human Resources Management and certifications in order to competitive and relevant within the Army. Obtaining the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary in order to be competitive in my field as a Human Resource Officer. Being the principal advisor to the commander for all matters concerning Human Resource and support for all assigned and attached personnel by supervising all strength management and strength distribution action, is a possible promotion opportunity for career growth within the next 5 years. Retrieved from Additionally, in case I can’t complete the desire career with the Army, my current job skills will come in handy when applying effort toward my career growth in the civilian
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