Personal And Professional Challenges As A Marketing Consultant Essay

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I interviewed two entrepreneurs one, a retired marketing consultant who spend more than 30 years running a marketing corporation, and second, a young entrepreneur who is currently running a marketing agency in Rochester.
The reason I interviewed two Entrepreneur was that I wanted to learn about the differences and similarities they have in their businesses. They faced different personal and professional challenges as they started their businesses.

Interview #1
Mr. Michael Scrivens, a 63 years old professor and entrepreneur who has done his Bachelor in television production from Graham College on 1974, then he completed B.S. in communication from Ithaca College on 1976, later on, obtained his MBA degree from RIT in management leadership and marketing research in the year 2000. He is currently working as an adjunct professor at RIT and working on his doctorate degree in UoR.
Mr. Michael started his career in the radio station, he was working in the advertising department. He was not satisfied with his job, he wanted to do something of his own. He joined a marketing firm on 1980, and when the owner after few months left the firm he bought it and started his own corporation. He runs the marketing alone for 3-4 years. He was running this business successfully for 9 years and during these years he had 7-8 employees. He closed this business and after two years of working in Appliance TV stores which had 18 branches, he started a new marketing/advertisement
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