Personal And Professional Characteristics Of Star Performers

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About the Author Robert Kelley, the author of this book is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He spent years researching the personal and professional characteristics of star performers. His ideas and work have appeared on NBC Today Show, CBS Evening News, ABC, CNN, National Public Radio, The New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Industry Week, Nation’s Business, Barron’s, Atlantic Monthly, and in many other major U.S newspaper. This book, How to be a Star at Work was on the best-sellers list on Amazon for 20 weeks. Introduction How to be A Star at Work focuses on how to improve work ethics and become a star performer. Star performers are workers who add more value than average workers. They tend to produce better results and earn quicker promotions than the average worker. They attract a great amount of interest and admiration within the company. People who admire star producers, assume the results are from an high IQ or ingrown ability to reason that is better than most people in their situation. It is also from exceptional personality factors such as self- confidence, and a highly refined social factor such as being able to gather a team of motivated workers. An academic study of star performers found high producers were similar to their co-workers in terms of IQ, personality, and social skills. According to the book, being a star performer has little to do with having a high IQ. It has to do

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