Personal And Professional Development At Stirling Management School

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Personal and Professional Development at Stirling Management School
I decided to further my master’s degree study at Stirling Management School because I want to be a successful entrepreneur in the future. Through the first semester of MBA program here, I have developed my four major objectives of personal development: to improve my English skills which including speaking, reading, listening, and writing, to strengthen business knowledge, to develop organizational skills, and to develop team working skills. Furthermore, I have learned and practiced on how to handle my big challenge, studying MBA, which is not related to my background. Throughout the first semester at school, I enjoyed learning in the Scottish atmosphere that
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However, I have currently developed my reading skill by guessing word meaning from context, and sometimes by consulting with my native English speaking classmates. I then make my own vocabulary list so that I can memorize word definitions easily. I have also improved my reading skill by reading BBC and Bloomberg news through the Internet. Additionally, there are some other ways of learning that have been changed since I started my MBA at Stirling. I was at first uncomfortable to criticize on books I read and to make a comment on different ideas when discussing in class. Nonetheless, few weeks in international academic atmosphere passed by, I have gradually learned that not only I need to practice my language skills, I also need to practice reading and discussing critically.
Accordingly, instead of reading books alone in my dormitory room or the college’s central library, I decided to read with classmates and then we share and compare ideas we get from various kinds of books we read, including academic textbooks, newspapers and magazines. I had a great time and I learned so much more that I ever could have done from reading books alone. The opportunity to do that showed me that there are so many ways that one can learn, which are both fun and educational. Not only this technique has helped me improve my skills in reading and discussing astonishingly, it has also helped me considerably developed interpersonal skill. Moreover, this learning technique works well as it
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