Personal And Professional Goals, And My Involvement With Farmers Union

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My Personal and Professional Goals, and My Involvement with Farmers Union
By, Desirae Hertling
I plan to attend a four-year college to South Dakota State University (SDSU) in Brookings, South Dakota. I will be going into the Wildlife and Fisheries program to pursue a degree as a Wildlife Biologist. After my four years at SDSU, I will go on to get my master’s degree (location undecided).
My career goal is to become a Wildlife Biologist, I have selected this career because I have had the opportunity to volunteer with the DNR headquarters in my town. The past four years with putting in over 64 hours of field work doing a variety of different tasks. I have found wildlife biology to be my passion after tracking endangered turtles four years
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Within this last semester of my senior year in high school, I have had the opportunity to get some greenhouse experience. My school district was very lucky to get a brand new high school and the agricultural department got a wonderful grant. With this grant, the agricultural department was able to build a brand new greenhouse. Also with this grant, the department was able to buy new hydroponics and aquaponics systems to start and grow more plants. We got these systems running a couple weeks ago and our seedlings in the hydroponic and aquaponics systems are starting to grow beautifully.
I also had the opportunity to plant over a dozen trays of different types of flowers to also grow in the greenhouse. These flowers will not be in the hydroponic or aquaponics systems because they prefer to not be soaked or sitting in water. These flowers we are planning on donating back to the school to plant around our new school.
Along with all the experience in the agricultural field, I believe I will succeed in the wildlife and fisheries sciences program because I love animals and working with them. I enjoy nature and I am willing to spend as much time and effort that is needed to make sure animals are safe and have the correct habitat. When I am confronted with challenges I will always try my best and I will never give up.
I have learned several leadership skills
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