Personal Anthropology : ' The ' Of ' Hell '

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1. a.) Humans, within their sin nature, are subhuman. I’ve decided to kick off this personal anthropology with the idea which had the largest impact on me. I know I have deliberated on this subject many times in many response papers, but I find it was the most impactful idea during the corse. Understanding the wrestle with the “beast,” or sin nature within, has allowed me to begin to have, not only more grace for others, but leo myself. In the past, I have consistently fallen into unhealthy, self-destructive perfectionism because I was constantly upset with myself for falling below the standard. In turn, I also upheld others to this ideal of perfectionism. The problem here was that I did not make room of the fight against our animalistic qualities we must take up. And a part from God, we will lose to it. In further understanding that we “do the things we do not wish to do” (Romans 7:15), I see myself becoming a more gracious person. Suddenly, when someone lashes out in the middle of a conversation, rather than reacting to it, I am recognizing that they are fighting against the inner subhuman characteristics, and that was, in that moment, a fight they had lost. This allows me to be kinder when pointing out the destructive behavior, coming from a place of humility, knowing that I too have lost against the struggle. b.) We are attempting to regain our humanity. However, this can only be done through imitating and being in relationship with Christ. “All true anthropology
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