Personal Application Paper On Strategic Family Therapy Essay

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PERSONAL APPLICATION PAPER ON STRATEGIC FAMILY THERAPY Although the history of family therapy is not very long, there are many theories and practices developed over the last few decades. One of the theories is solution-focused brief therapy. I am going to use my family of origin as the object in order to explain the concepts of this theory. Background of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy The uniqueness of solution-focused brief therapy is its concentration on skills, strengths and resources that clients possess and finding solutions for dealing with problems instead of focusing on the problem itself (Gladding, 2014, p. 336). The root of this theory is based on Ecricksonian principles of looking for change. Indeed, it is good to look for the transgenerational patterns, subconscious thoughts, or suppressed emotions. But the clients go to the therapists for solutions for their pains and problems. The reason of their dysfunctions is they get stuck in dealing with problems and needs to look for new methods. Solution-focused family therapy works to break the repetitive, nonproductive behavioral patterns by deliberately setting up situations in which families take a more positive view of troublesome situations and actively participate in doing something different (Gladding, 2014, p. 339). The process of solution-focused family therapy begins with identifying the problem. Most of the behaviors are considered as strengths and resources for solving the
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